Welcome to SOCJ web site!
We are happy that you visit this place.

I’d like to introduce our club.
SAAB OWNER’S CLUB OF JAPAN founded in 1982, and consists of SAAB enthusiasts.
The main aims of our club are to build the friendship between SAAB lovers, and to love and enjoy SAAB for a long time.
All over Japan, there are more than 100 members.
Our members have Saabs of wide range, from early SAAB, rare in Japan, 92, 96, Sonett II, Sonett V4, Sonett III and 99 to classic 900, 9000, new 900, classic 9-3, 9-5 and latest SAAB, new 9-3, and we all enjoy Saabing together. Thus we are harmonious and happy.
Our big meetings are “SAAB DAY”, “Vintage Saab meeting” and the New year meeting. About 10 small meetings are held a year.
SAAB DAY, held in evry autumn from 1997, is the biggest, the most famous and the most exited Saab event in Japan. This is a festival that SAAB owners get together from all over Japan and enjoy SAAB greatly.
After 1998, SAAB DAY became the open event in which all Saab enthusiasts even if they are not club members can join. So the relationship of SAAB owners deepens and expands further.

The monthly meeting is also held in Tokyo and Nagoya.
Here is the place of exchanging information about SAAB by deep and endless chat about all things of SAAB like the night of stay events.

We have two publications for members, “SAAB WAY” and “SOCJ NEWS”.
“SAAB WAY”, club magazine, is published several times a year, and carries many contents, such as event reports, contributions from members and serials etc.

“SOCJ NEWS”, monthly club newspaper, carries current topics about our club and SAAB cars, informations of club events and membership etc.

We also have the CLUB SHOP. Saab goods, books and club original goods are supplied to members at events and meetings and through the mail order from members.

We sympathize with the passion and the heritage of SAAB, and we are attached to Saab’s unique and inimitable tastes and fine made function cherished in Northern Europe.
I hope that our club will be continuing forever as a mature automobile club that we can share incomparable experiences and intellects obtained by driving and owning Saabs.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We are really looking forward to hearing from you.
Safe and happy SAABing!


Chairman of SOCJ
952-15 Obori-cho, Hikone, Shiga 522-0026 JAPAN